Epoxy/PU Flooring

Hygienic,Fangul resistant, food graded, chemical resistant Seamless, Dust free, Joint less, Easy Cleavability floor. From 0.5mm up to 5mm thickness.

ESD Floor

Electrostatic Dissipative floor. Seamless finish, Electri Resistant floor.Anti static Floor for Operation Theater, electrical industry.

Clean Room System

Epoxy floor and UV resistance, Anti fungal PU Wall coating.


1-75mm x 75mm Floor to Wall Joint EPOXY
2-50mm x 50mm Floor to Wall Joint EPOXY
3-25mm x 25mm Floor to Wall Joint EPOXY
Wall, Wall to Selling, all Door and window join.

Tea Factory CTC Floor

Damp proof primer plus 2mm EPOXY Screeding plus 2mm EPOXY Floor and road marking With PU Coating.

Sports Coating

For Volley Ball, Lone Tenis, Batminton etc.

Epoxy Kota Joint

Kota Stone joint With EPOXY.

Epoxy coating on Car parking

High build flooring for carparking area.

Wall Coating

Anti UV, Dust Free Anti Fungal, Hygenic, Internal Wall PU Coating.

Heavy duty floor for auto sector & hanger

Heavy duty Epoxy floor Anti-skid floor for Auto Sector and hanger

Roof treatment

Roof treatment with water proofing Coating. All type of concrete/metal water proofing.

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